Sunrise This is yesterday’s sunrise, caught on camera off the coast of NJ (courtesy of Ann K. – thank you Ann!). This simple miracle happens every day, without fail. Do we notice? Or are we too swept up in the busyness of the mind, the challenges of life, the “to do” list, the daily race of activities. Perhaps we don’t live by the ocean, or maybe, on any given day, the clouds obscure the view. Regardless of whether we are able to witness this or not, this happens everyday! And so, the next time you feel frazzled or overwhelmed; the next time you feel stressed, worried, or cannot imagine how your problems will ever work out… Pause. Breath. Look up. Look down. The sky above you is vast and infinite. The sun, in all of it’s fire and energy is present – and holding the earth in orbit. The earth below you is supporting you. Gravity is gently holding you in place. You are grounded. You are held by gravity. You are a part of a moving solar system. And so the sun has risen again this morning. What will you do with the gift of today? How will you chose to “be” on this planet, in your solar system, within the universe? The choice is yours. A few ideas to pick from: Integrity Honesty Kindness Goodwill Respect Courage Benevolence Compassion

Lisa Wickham, Fully Mindful

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