All of my teachings and offerings are steeped in mindfulness and incorporate the practices of Loving-Kindness and Self-Compassion.

I offer periodic classes, workshops, and special events on these (and other) topics. One-on-one consultation is always available in person or by phone by appointment.


Private mindfulness sessions are available and can be tailored to your specific needs! I offer mindfulness coaching and education on a variety of topics for personal and professional growth:

Stress Management; Working with Anxiety; Cultivating Joy and Happiness

Mindfulness Meditation

Wellness and Well-being ~ including a variety of topics on self-care and healthy habits

Life Skills and Healthy Boundaries ~ learning healthy coping skills and how to say “no” with kindness!

Self-Compassion ~ healing and connecting the mind/body relationship.

Compassion Fatigue ~ healthy caregiving for nurses, health care workers, and caregivers.  Learning the art of “compassion with boundaries”.

Interpersonal Mindfulness ~ Mindful communication (skillfull speaking, listening, and interacting) for personal and professional relationships and interactions!

Mindful Parenting ~ Modeling self-compassion, self-care, and healthy coping skills for your children; teaching your children how to build healthy boundaries and resilience to life’s difficulties; deconstructing harmful messages and unrealistic expectations that cause distress in our lives.

Mindful Eating ~ learning the art of eating with awareness and intention…and joy! Discovering your body’s signals around hunger, satiety, and nourishment.

Medical Mindfulness ~ mindfulness and self-compassion applied to coping with acute and chronic diagnosis’s in order to support the body in healing, repairing, replenishing. Making the most of your precious health!

 Also available:

Corporate offerings for employee enrichment and wellness programs

Guest speaking for support groups and wellness centers

Public speaking and education on the benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion in a variety of medical, health, wellness, and social settings

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