The CHOICE of happiness!


Happiness. We all want it. We seek it, and when we are not feeling it, we wonder what is wrong with us. What if….we look at happiness as something deeper than a simple emotion…inviting it as a state of mind, or a state of being….a choice!

Mindfulness challenge:

Bring to awareness any sense of seeking or striving for happiness…noticing any self-criticism with kindness and compassion. Now, gently let go of the striving, the discomfort,  the harsh self-talk…and slowly lean into joy. Even if you don’t “feel” it, invite it deep within yourself. You are planting the seeds of intention, the intention of happiness.

What shall I be happy about?

Today! You woke up today and you are alive! If you knew that today was your last day, where would you notice joy and happiness around you, within you?

This breath! You are breathing, your heart is beating! What would you like this life of yours to be filled with? Where do you place your attention and your intentions?

May you be happy. May you be peaceful. May joy fill you from within.