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I believe that each one of us is unique and whole just as we are. We each have our own personal gifts, talents, and purpose. We can explore this inner wisdom and beauty, discovering our authentic self. Through mindfulness we learn to respond to life with curiosity and a sense of friendliness toward self.


I have been practicing nursing for over 30 years. Much of my experience has been in acute hospital pediatric settings at Georgetown University Hospital (Washington D.C.), East Tennessee Children’s Hospital (Knoxville TN), and UNC Hospital (Chapel Hill, NC), as well as Rex Pediatrics of Cary and Carolina Allergy and Asthma. Throughout my nursing career, I have focused on patient and family education, stress management in crisis situations, and being present and open to physical and emotional needs. The deep connection between stress and wellness that I have witnessed as a nurse led me to the Duke Integrative Medicine Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Professionals Program (MBSR for Professions), and numerous graduate programs and retreats on mindfulness. I now place my focus on the value of mindfulness, self-awareness, self-care, self-kindness, self-compassion, wellness, and the power it has to transform lives.

In addition to my deep practice and skillful teaching of mindfulness, I am certified in Hypnosis (C.Ht.), specializing in guided imagery and hypnosis for meaningful change in one’s life.

I am also a Certified Compassion Fatigue Practitioner (CCFP). As such, I have a deep passion for working with individuals in care-giving roles who find themselves exhausted. Learn more by clicking “Compassion Fatigue”

An interview with Lisa:

Lisa Wickham is a lifelong healer. She spent many years working as a pediatric respiratory nurse and recognizes the connection between the physical aspect and the mindfulness around the act of breathing. “A lot of mindfulness is around the breath,” Lisa said. That led her to her work to become Fully Mindful. “Being a nurse is being present in the moment,” she said. “Being a nurse is being the keeper of the moment.”

Even before her nursing career she practiced mindfulness. “I’ve always practiced loving kindness,” she said. Being treated by a nurse using mindfulness and loving kindness can turn things around for a patient, she said. All of these things play a huge part in healing and wellness.

An important part of the process that she has learned over the years is practicing loving kindness in a way that is helpful to her and those around her. Lisa’s calm demeanor helps her clients to reach their own level of calmness. “I realized I can make a difference in how people are receiving and perceiving information,” she said.

She is an expert at meeting people where they are emotionally and calmly guiding them toward mindfulness. She learned how important it was to find a way to communicate with children and adults while working as a pediatric nurse. “There’s a special level of compassion when you see a child suffer,” she said. “Pediatric nursing is taking care of the child, and teaching, informing and educating the parents. If you can be calm, you have the power to calm the parents and help them let go of their fear for just a moment.”

She said, “I recognized the opportunity to empower children during difficult times. To be present and calm and to teach a child to do that for themselves is powerful.” Being there with integrity, strength and calmness are things that come from mindfulness. “I’ve learned that we all have the power in ourselves to be kinder and compassionate with ourselves. We can honor our mind, body and spirit with wellness and wholeness.”

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