COVID 19: Unique Situations Call for Creative Change!

During this unique time of physical distancing, all of my work has shifted to on-line platforms. This includes public speaking and presentations, group classes and sessions, one-on-one consultation, and more. While change is often associated with resistance, I have found that working on-line has added the unexpected benefit of being able to reach more people in a time when people are most needing mindfulness!

Mindful Awareness is essential during these extraordinary times!

These are unusual and challenging times! Activities of daily living, and the predictability of day-to-day experiences have been vastly altered. Naturally, there is an increased level of stress in our lives. Along with the increased stress, stay at home orders are interrupting our normal coping skills, and ways we typically manage our stress.

Research continuously shows that mindfulness helps us with stress management, and provides a skillful way to stay present with ourselves in difficult times. 

If you feel you could benefit from a bit of stress management, or would like to learn more about mindfulness, meditation, guided imagery, or hypnosis, contact me at

Corporate, Private, and Group sessions are available!

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