Current Offerings

Change is always in the air!

The beauty of life is that it is constantly inviting us to explore new possibilities and opportunities. In recent months I have been focusing a fair amount of time and energy on new adventures such as on-line mindfulness teaching. In addition to distance learning, I have also been teaching the benefits of mindfulness in the corporate setting.

If you would like to bring mindfulness to your corporation or work place, please contact me for information!

If you would like to explore distance learning opportunities in mindfulness instruction, contact me!

I continue to offer local private instruction at The Hope James House in Holly Springs, NC (a retreat house as part of the Hope James Foundation), a wonderful place of wellness  and healing.

Currently offering:

Corporate training, wellness programs, and other public speaking opportunities available by request.

One-on-one mindfulness instruction for personalized growth.


Popular topics for personal or professional growth:

Mindfulness in the workplace

Relaxation and stress reduction



Mindful parenting ~ parenting with intention

Mindfulness for better sleep

Mindfulness and guided imagery for healing and well-being

Contact me to schedule a mindfulness program tailored for your personal or corporate needs.



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