How do you cultivate the landscape of your mind and fortify it against life’s inevitable insults? Lisa insightfully links mindfulness and loving kindness as a means to deal with life’s ups and downs (mindfulness) and wraps it in a protective blanket (loving kindness). Challenging, thought provoking, peaceful, insightful, and fun, Lisa’s workshops and classes leave you feeling better about yourself, better about the people in your life (the ones you like & the ones you don’t), and more enthusiastic about the future. The classes and workshops are more rewarding than yoga, and you don’t have to get into positions like “downward facing dog.” Jimmy Buffet’s lyrics “breathe in, breathe out, move on” are so much more meaningful and resonant after taking Lisa’s classes. -Jim. Apex, NC

Working with Lisa has increased my confidence to deal with difficult situations that might arise while working with my own clients in healing sessions. I can now be the same caring, loving healing presence to others and also be self-compassionate, protecting myself professionally and personally. I can now detach from any desired results and still offer the same dedication to each individual, which is very helpful for my sense of well-being. I really appreciate Lisa’s mindful insights and the compassion in which they are offered. Thank you, Lavanya, Healing Touch Practitioner. Morrisville, NC

“It’s amazing how different the practices are in a group. I enjoyed every moment of your insightful guidance and was left with much richness to think about. You manage[d] to guide us gently from the richness of group discussion through the deep insight of the practices.” Anonymous. Holly Springs, NC

“Lisa, you are a warm and thoughtful presenter” Cary, NC

“I have learned not to be so critical of myself, and I am now offering myself kindness and compassion.” Holly Springs, NC

“Wonderful class! Extremely helpful information. Interesting and well put together. Well taught!” Holly Springs, NC

“Lisa was able to communicate fundamentals with examples that really hit home.” Holly Springs, NC

“I learned so much. The class went way beyond my expectations.” Holly Springs, NC

“I got so much more out of this class than I expected! It has opened my eyes to the power of loving-kindness!” Holly Springs, NC

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