What is your intention for summer? Mindful awareness or emotional roller coasters?

Summer-Vacation-BeachJune has arrived! And with it comes the promise of summer with all of its bounty! The thought of this warms my heart and produces a smile. When I bring my mindfulness practice to this thought, the question arises:

What is my intention for summer? This question does not refer to tasks, activities, vacations, or plans; but rather, where do I want to place my focus and attention? Do I want to fill myself with peace and ease, or will other less friendly emotions run the show?

Mindfulness requires attention (concentration and focus), intention (deciding upon our attention and attitude with resolve), and attitude (open-hearted non-judgmental inquiry and curiosity). And so, from this awareness, the question goes a bit deeper. What is my intention for summer? What wholesome, healthy things can I cultivate during this season of bounty? What harmful things can I let go?

A few examples:

Cultivating peace, ease, and joy by leaning into my gratitude and compassion practices. Placing my attention on the goodness in others, the beauty and bounty around me. Placing my intention on easing into the moment and tapping into joy. Adopting the attitude of open-hearted awareness, regardless of what is arising…being open to my own experience and all of the abundance there!

Letting go of worry and frustration by leaning into what is presenting in the moment and bringing curiosity, gentle kindness, and compassion right there! Placing my attention on all that is arising (positive, negative, and neutral), with the intention of witnessing (with gentle kindness and curiosity) the judgment and stories that spin me into my own pain and suffering, and adding self-compassion and forgiveness here! Inviting and practicing the open-hearted attitudes of patience, friendliness,  goodwill, and forgiveness toward myself

Why forgiveness? Because this is a practice not a set of rules; a process and a journey, not a destination. None of this is about perfection! This is about learning who we are, tapping into our authenticity, and finding our higher self. The practices of mindfulness (simple, open-hearted awareness), loving-kindness (befriending ourselves), and self-compassion are the essential tools.

Wishing all of you a summer of bounty, with all that arises! Fully Mindful, fully present for your life!