Mindful Monday thought: what if our intention for the day was kindness?

MindfulMondayIt’s Mindful Monday!

What is your intention for today? For this week?  Everything begins with intention…our attitude, our attention, our choices, our actions…

What if your intention today was kindness? What would that look like and how would that change your day? When we practice kindness from the heart, it requires nothing back. Don’t worry about kindness in return from others. You can simply offer it without strings or expectations. The trick is offering it to ourselves FIRST! If we are unconditionally kind to and with ourselves, we build resilience to unkind or indifferent behavior of others…of which we have little control of anyway.

Thought for the day: a random act of kindness is like dropping a stone into a pond; the ripples travel far and wide, lasting for quite a while. We never really know who we touch or how deeply.

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