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December 2014 Newsletter

Mindfully Waltzing with the Holidays ~ Part 2
Creating Simplicity

Simplicity and the holidays are not usually mentioned in the same sentence, but during this potentially stressful time setting the intention of simplicity can be extremely helpful!

Whether you’re facing increased demands (errands, shopping, cooking, baking, house guests, parties, etc) or difficult emotions (overwhelm, frustration, anger,or even loneliness) a dollop of awareness, or mindfulness, and self-compassion can help!

Let’s keep is simple! How can you add a bit of peace, ease, and joy to your day…to your holiday season?

Here are a few easy and practical ideas:

*Practice your mindfulness skills! By bringing awareness to the moment you have the opportunity to shift emotional reactivity into skillful responding.

*Practice gratitude! Gratitude eases stress and creates joy…and it’s free! Sometimes when things become overwhelming we can lose sight of gratitude. Keep it simple, bring to mind the basics like the ability to talk, walk, think, feel, etc

*Practice random acts of kindness! A kind word, a friendly greeting, a compliment, holding the door for another. Paying it forward not only eases another’s day, it actually creates internal joy.

*Practice Self-Compassion! Give yourself a break and acknowledge suffering when you become overwhelmed. Offer yourself that random act of kindness!

*Practice affectionate breathing! Inviting peace and ease toward ourselves is simple and effective. Try this simple exercise. Close your eyes, relax for a few moments, and focus on your breathe. Now, with each in breathe invite peace; with each out breathe, ease. Continue for a minute or two…or longer!

Lastly, ask yourself these two key questions:

What simple thing can I incorporate into my day that would bring me joy?

What in my day, or on my agenda can I let go of?

Wishing you peace, joy, and simplicity this holiday season.



Lisa Wickham
Owner, Fully Mindful


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