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Welcome to February!

Day 1 – The beautiful, mysterious, and powerful human heart!

Thought for the day:
Your heart has continued to beat throughout each moment of your life – during times of great joy, as well as times of great sorrow. During each of those mundane moments when you’ve been busy at work, going through your day, sleeping during the night.

The wisdom of the body!
This incredible muscle, about the size of a large fist and weighing about 10-12 ounces, literally oxygenates your entire body.
It circulates a rich blood supply to each cell in your body.

Practice for the day:
Take a moment and bring your attention to your chest area.
See if you can feel the sensation of your heart beating.
If you can’t pick up the sensation, that’s okay, perhaps rest your hand over the left side of your chest, or touch one of your pulse sites (wrist or neck).
Just stay with this for a few moments, feeling your heartbeat and your breath.

This is your life energy.
This is your body taking care of you.
Take that in for a moment. You are not making this happen or controlling it.
Your heart is a beautiful life force.
Now, bringing to mind the quality of gratitude.
What would it be like to offer gratitude to this continually beating heart?
Take a moment to be with that.
Now, sending a well wish to your heart:
May you be at ease.
May you beat with ease.
May I live with ease.


Lisa Wickham
Owner, Fully Mindful



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